Materia Prima

So called “archetypes” are handcrafted in our workshop. A foundry in Pforzheim, Germany then fabricates a mould of natural rubber, into which hot wax is blast. The piece of jewelry is then cast in this so called investment casting. Afterwards, it is refined by us, which means the casting skin is filed off and ground.
During several reheat in the 10% mordant, the silver ornament is “seethed white” using the traditional goldsmith's method.
Thereby it receives a bright silver color and also an improved protection of tarnishing which vanishes in time and turns silver-colored. The last step is to frame the small painted porcelain plates. These are framed according to conventional handicraft by embossing and hammering, and are not glued. The sensitivity of these small plates demand accurate and careful handling.
The fine silver for the casting is supplied by the company C. HAFNER GmbH & Co.KG, Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt in Pforzheim, and it is made 100 per cent from recycled scrap silver.
It is possible to acquire the rings in 18 carat yellow gold.
Cuff links and pendants in the same series are also available.

The  small plates of porcelain
We purchase the small plates of porcelain at the traditional factory “König Porzellan“ in Thiersheim, Germany.
The well known porcelain painter Katharina Kiraly from Frankfurt, Germany (hand)paints them, making each one unique. Each plate is signed. The painter worked at “Höchster Porzellan” for many years and is familiar with all the subtleties of her business.